Monday, August 19, 2013

New to politics? There is support!

Hello everyone. I'm in Calgary East: (Deepak Ohbrai is our mp, in one of the ridings with the lowest voter turn out's nationally.)

Earlier this spring, we asked the presidents of the local EDA's and the provincial president Wendy Butler for assistance to attend our local fireworks festival that brings in between 18-20,000 people a night. (Previously we had been able to have a fundraiser that gave us the money to do this but we couldn't do it this year.) At a meeting we had, Brian G. Rice had encouraged to try again when we didn't hear back right away. Sure enough, Wendy got us the funding and we had our first night last night for the third or fourth year now and we'll continue to be there for the rest of the festival. Both national and the LPCA helped us get banners, lit and tattoos to give to others. We are promoting an event series as well which was planned to do outreach to our community for policy submission. Ben Howe helped us develop an on-line survey for those who couldn't attend our event.

We always get some great stories from the tent. Last night, I was so honoured to have a firefighter come to my Liberal tent last night and tell me about the pro-firefighter private members bill that was a no-brainer to pass but apparently Harper executive ordered it not to be presented in the House, pissing off the Firefighters and their unions.

We smell cannabis every night at Globalfest, LOL! (I don't want to make light of the seriousness of this issue though as we have many medicinal users that are being targeted and mistreated.) I was able to get to many cannabis supporters which is encouraging we are on the right track. (We have the local 420 group coming to our series on the 18th which many cannabis supporters were happy about.)

So over the last month, I've had a ton of help from people all over the country. I feel very supported and hope this helps raise the Liberals profile locally. We see Deepak every year and it was great to remind him that the Liberals are always there to keep him transparent. (Like a bee in his butt, LOL!) I sweated last night setting up and tearing down the tent, along with two other volunteers, our policy chair, and the President of the Young Liberals at the U of C, so the slogan so "hope and hard work" does apply, LOL!

I am very grateful for the help and support for new presidents like myself face. Just thought I'd share.

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