Monday, March 11, 2013

Being a stay at home mom

I am very happy to have the choice to be able to stay home to raise my daughter. She was feeling a little under the weather today so it was more or less a day off for myself. That said, I did read and learn about Russel Means. He was an activist with the American Indian Movement and a libertarian. I have so much to learn but get inspiration every single day.

I was also grateful to be able to chat with a friend of mine about the Idle No More movement via phone. I hope we can figure out how to move forward. Anyway, she is a mom with kids that is politically active so it's just a relief to have another mom to chat with.

For building the riding association, today I was able to correct a mistake by getting some mail out. I'm so grateful to have the executive be so understanding and work with me while I learn. (Thank you Carole!)

I'm hoping my babe will be better tomorrow. ((fingers crossed))

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